Dates: April 24 – May 1, 2021
Location: Moab, Utah

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This will be the first annual Jeep Wrangler “TJ Fest”. This event has long been an idea of mine, and is finally turning into a reality. The goal of this event is to create a memorable experience for TJ owners and enthusiasts.

During our time wheeling in Moab, we will have three groups to wheel with:

  1. Novice (Group A)
  2. Intermediate (Group B)
  3. Advanced (Group C)

Each group will have a dedicated trail guide and leader that will guide each group as they wheel. The novice group will do very easy, basic trails, and the intermediate and advanced group will do more challenging trails. Each day we’ll meet up in our respective groups, and then go wheel.

There will also be group events where all of us get together as a whole and do some simpler wheeling, just for fun.

As the event gets closer, I will announce a daily schedule of events, more plans, and provide many more details. Since the event is still roughly a year out, things will change until we get closer to the event.

Trip Requirements

  • Recovery points (front and rear tied into the frame)
  • Factory tow hooks are adequate
  • Wheel at your own pace (I have no doubt that any trail you’d want to run is likely on someone else’s list as well)

Trip Rules

  • No alcohol in the vehicle
    Alcohol will not be permitted in any vehicle that will be wheeling with us. If anyone is found drinking alcohol (including passengers), you will be removed from the group and not permitted to wheel with us for the remainder of the event.
  • No drug use
    Marijuana and other drugs need to stay off the trail. If you want to do something in the privacy of your own room, so be it, but don’t do it on the trail. There will be kids around, and I don’t want anyone impaired.
  • Be courteous and polite
    If you came with a bad attitude, you can just stay home.
  • Be patient
    Not everyone is on the same level as wheeling, some are experts and others are here to learn.
  • Clean up after yourself!
    You will be required to police your 100% of your own trash. If I see anyone throwing trash on the trail or making a mess and not cleaning it up, you’ll be booted from this group / event.
  • No political or religious discussions on the trail
    I’ve had a few people bring this up to me, and I agree. These are polarizing topics, so let’s keep the discussions of politics and religion off the trail. If you want to discuss these things amongst yourself over dinner, in your hotel room, etc., that’s just fine.

Legal Disclaimer
We are a group of Jeep enthusiasts who are planning an event to get together and have fun. By joining us, you agree to not to hold any of us (or this forum) responsible for any damage that may occur to your Jeep during this trip. There is an inherent danger when wheeling off-road, and you agree by joining us on this trip that you yourself are solely responsible for any bodily injury you may incur, as well as any damage to your property. You also agree that this forum has permission to use any images we take during this trip for forum purposes, which may include marketing.