Trip Requirements

The following is a list of requirements in order to attend TJ Fest:

  • GMRS radio, GMRS capable handhelds, HAM radio with MARS mod (to access GMRS frequencies), or a CB radio.
  • Front-and-rear recovery points (factory tow hooks are adequate)
  • Off-road capable tires

It should be noted that certain trails will require certain things as well. For instance, more difficult trails will require 35s, lockers, a high clearance belly, etc. For this reason, depending on how built your TJ is, you may be restricted to only doing certain trails. This of course isn’t an issue, it just means that you’ll have to wheel with others who have similarly built TJs and plan on doing trails that are catered to that level of build.

A good example of this is that a TJ on 31s with 2″ of lift and no lockers is not going to be allowed (nor should they even try) to wheel with the guys doing the more difficult trails. I think this goes without saying, but I need to reiterate it.